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Oscars 2012: Happening Now, Without Me

I am sad to say that I cannot watch the Oscars tonight. I need to be writing a script, and, in fact, should not even be doing this post right now. I am a procrastinating QUEEN (arghhhh! damn you, deadlinessssss! What a world, what a world.).

That said, I also have to admit that I am not so invested in the Oscars this year. I have only seen one of the films up for Best Picture  (The Artist), and besides that I’m rooting for Bridesmaids for Original Screenplay and for Harry Potter 7 Part 2 to win SOMETHING and…that’s about it. I’m invested in those not just because I’ve seen them, but because I think they are awesome.

My lack of preparation wasn’t really intentional. I meant to see Hugo. And The Descendants. And a lot of things. The Help is the next thing that will be delivered to me when I finally watch and return The Social Network.* It just didn’t quite happen. And the fact that movies in NYC are so damn expensive did not help much.

I am very curious how Billy does and plan to watch his opening number in fifteen minutes (how could I not?). I’m excited he is returning and I think going with a classic, who everyone always loves and enjoys and, most importantly, who knows how to improvise and roll with every high and low and crazy moment, is the right choice. Why didn’t they do that sooner?

Sidebar: I think they should stop comparing him to Ricky Gervais and hosts being mean. That’s not the issue here. They need someone who can handle this place and the comparison is to last year.

And I’ve been watching five minutes of the red carpet every so often just for the heck of it.

Sidebar: um…why is Sandra Bullock talking about “sexytimes?”

But besides that, I don’t know how much I’ll get to see tonight. And while I actually do enjoy watching the Oscars, even for the hilariously bad moments, I don’t have a frame of reference for very much this year, so I think it would be hard to feel engaged. If The Artist wins things, I will rejoice for it, but I don’t know if I’m exactly rooting for it since I don’t quite know what it’s up against.

Except for Uggie. Uggie should win everything.

It took me pretty much the whole time left to write this…Oscars 2012, here we goooooooo!

* I finally just watched and loved True Grit. So maybe in a year and a half I’ll be ready for the show.


I do not appreciate Billy Crystal as Tin Tin, and why did he quote the Men’s Wearhouse guy???

Did not love Billy’s song. And the music was too loud, he had to compete with it. In fact, ABC is being really loud in general.

Also, I love Carl Suebo, the seat-filler…except now I am confused since Tom Hanks said he’s just a guy…so what was the point of that? That was a lot of time on nothing if he isn’t actually that guy. But whoever he is, he was very happy and appreciative looking and wearing a baby blue tux. Hell yeah, that guy.

Emma Stone wins out of all of the presenters so far, Crystal included.

And Christopher Plummer is the best.

I clearly watched too much of this…must go now…


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So this happened yesterday…


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My Personal PotterFest 2011


2:05 pm.  In Imax and 3D.*


The boyfriend and I had plans to watch all seven previous movies, but due to circumstances were not able to begin our Personal PotterFest early enough this week.  In the past three days we have watched the first three (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban) and the last (Deathly Hallows Part One).  I love the first two and their discovery of magic, but I was also noticing flaws or things that bothered me this time.  I began to worry that I was going to change my perception on the whole film series.  Maybe it’s because I’m older this time.  But then three came along – I haven’t seen that in its entirety forever.  I only ever catch the end and I’d been avoiding it because I’m not as big a fan of the werewolf scenes.  But the rest of that movie is GREAT!  And so much happens; so much is introduced in the third movie.  I’m so glad to have rewatched it.

Then due to time issues we skipped ahead, and it was a bit jarring to have the kids and the storyline grow so much “overnight.”  Suddenly everything was dire.  I have really liked the last two movies, but I haven’t loved them the first time that I saw them.  I think it’s difficult with so much anticipation.  I can’t help comparing them to the books, wishing that favorite scenes or lines had been left in unchanged.  And both 6 and 7.1 are so much about the set up the end of a great series; it makes it harder for them to stand alone.  I have also seen each of them a second time in theatres, and each time had a much better experience and came out able to appreciate the movie for itself, as a whole.  Watching 7.1 last night, I saw again what a BEAUTIFUL movie it is (David Yates, I love you).  The boyfriend commented on the amazing tone that is set: quiet despair.  I loved it once again, and we readied ourselves for today, Opening Day.

In less than two hours I will see the conclusion to ten years of movies.  As I’m sure many have mentioned, lots has happened in my lifetime over the course of this series.  And I have loved seeing the new Harry Potter movie every time.

There won’t be a new one after this, which is sad.  I’ll miss having another one to look forward too.  When the books ended, it was nice to know that we’d still have new movies coming out for a few years.

But I am also ready.  Book 7 is my favorite and I can’t WAIT to see how it ends.

And I need to remember to remove the pressure from this first viewing.  Because I’ll be seeing it again with my mom next week. 🙂



*We decided to just go for it.


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IT’S HERE! Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer, or My Future Birthday Party Part 2

[I’m not kidding about the birthday party thing. 🙂  Though my birthday is in June, it’s close enough to ask people to join me at a midnight movie a month later.  Right?  RIGHT!*]

Yesterday, the first full trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released.  Personally, I found it on Movieline.com (actually via my friend Sarah; go Sarah!).  And I couldn’t have summed it up better myself…

“Epic epicness.”


(while I could have embedded, it is so much better and bigger on the official website)

I am SO excited for this.

I mean, really:  The dragon!?  Mrs. Weasley vs. Bellatrix?!  And who else is now VERY excited for McGonagall’s army of armor kicking some serious ass?!!!

Each moment of this trailer makes me so happy.  And I know that some things will be changed from the book, as they have been each time, but I have faith in director David Yates.  He came on as director for Order of the Phoenix, the fifth movie of the series and my absolute favorite, and has been at the helm ever since.  Each has been beautiful, but I was slightly less impressed with 6 and 7 Part 1 (thought just slightly).  Phoenix has remained my favorite for it’s emotional journey within the single film and how beautifully it is crafted, shot, acted, everything.  

I think Yates is about to do it again.  I will definitely give credit for the fact that 6 and 7 Part 1 are more difficult source material, as they are both in large part set-up for what comes next and therefore somewhat less able to stand alone.  But that is also why I believe this final movie, the climax of the series, will be a return to everything I loved about Order of the Phoenix.  This is going to pack such an emotional punch, something Yates and Daniel Radcliffe do SO well.  Not to mention, it’s going to be fun as hell.  Every interview has been pointing out that this is pretty much a non-stop action movie and, while it may change a few things in its adaptation from the text, I know that it will be an exciting and oh-so-very-satisfying conclusion to our journey.  

This is going to be just what I want it to be.  I can already tell.  How, you ask? 
One line.  One fabulously active and awesome line (that’s not even in the book).

“Let’s finish this the way we started…together!”

…which Harry says before throwing his arms around Voldemort’s neck and launching them off the top of Hogwarts. 


Yes, Harry.  Let’s do just that.  I’ll be right there with you.

* Yes, I have done this once before in college when one of the films came out within two days of my birthday.  And I carried a dorky plastic party-favor wand with a button that made it light up.  And I loved it.  I suppose it should come as no surprise that I was one of the people who waited in line at midnight for the release of the seventh book.  Judge if you want, but it was a BLAST.  We played games, wore glow-in-the-dark Potter glasses and fake tattoos, read the last chapter of the sixth book while waiting, and I even won the lottery to be first in line at midnight!!!  It was such a fun night with my roommate, who was geeking out just as much as I was.  I don’t really do this with anything else, and it’s actually pretty fun letting go like that.  Getting a bit unabashedly obsessed.  We stayed up til at least 4 am that night reading, excitedly discussing big surprises as we reached them.  I miss getting to make an event like that and, while it is definitely sad that this is the last time a Harry Potter installment will be released mid-summer, I am not going to miss my chance to see it out with a bang.


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