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Link Round-Up: Star Wars Edition

Recurring feature attempt #1!

I can’t help it. Some of the movie and entertainment links that I’ve been seeing around the interwebs are just too awesome, hilarious, and/or horrifying not to share. Here’s your first “weekly” link round-up! 

In honor of the recent re-release of The Phantom Menace in 3D and George Lucas’s ongoing mission to alienate all Star Wars fans everywhere, I present for your viewing pleasure… some not crappy stuff about Star Wars.

#1 – This awesome mashup, illustrated by Steven Anderson via flickr.com

Red leader standing by...

#2 – This rather hilarious awkwardness

To be fair, the interviewer is pretty much just as awkward as Lloyd.

And I salute the fact that Jake Lloyd went to school and is pursuing things other than his own fame… but, man, is he not happy about giving this interview. Sure, the interviewer is pushing for the answers he wants (and can we all give a giant “Eesh!” to that last “question?”), but Lloyd is giving him NOTHING.

Dude, this is what you’re known for. You gotta make peace with it. Or don’t show up to the conference. In that shirt.

#3 – GREAT SHOWDOWNS, welcome to the amazing art of Scott C.

His Great Showdowns series, each with their own perfectly chosen quote, are some of my favorite movie art…of…all the movie art I’ve seen.*  But seriously. He’s awesome. Go to his website and check him out.

“I warn you not to underestimate my powers.”

“And now, Your Highness, we will discuss the location of your hidden Rebel base.”

“Well, what have we got here? Will you look at her? Those flashing eyes, those flushed cheeks, those trembling lips. You know something Princess? You are ugly when you’re angry.”

Have a great long weekend!


Had to. It’s automatic. I can’t help myself.


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Welcome Back! Exciting Things are Afoot!

I’m back.  Thank goodness.

Thank you to anyone who has stuck with me through this dry spell and to everyone who told me that they kept checking back here hoping to see something new.  You’re awesome.  I like you too.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to start up again without making too much of a fuss about how there has been a four month hiatus, how I wasn’t being very good about posting to being with, and how this blog had sort of devolved into random video posting there for awhile.*  And I think the best way is to just jump in and get wet.  So break’s over, you’re awesome, and here we go.**

And what better way to get going again than to share with you… (please picture a Ten Commandments booming voice here)…

5 EXCITING THINGS -INGS -INGS -ings -ings -… :

(5 Things About Which I am Excited just sounds silly)

1.  Party Down is back!

That’s right, season 2 is upon us.  Prepare thyself.

Don’t remember what I’m talking about?  See: New Favorite: Party Down.

Season 2 begins April 23.

2.  Iron Man 2

Have you watched the trailer for this???  If not, do yourself a favor and go here.  Believe me, it warrants three question marks.  This is gonna be swee-eet.

Opens May 7.

3. George Lucas’s new book Star Wars: The Making of the Empire Strikes Back

I love his movies with a passion, but am not the biggest fan of George Lucas, the man.  Well, really of George Lucas, the writer (see: all dialogue and some storylines in the new Star Wars movies).  I’d say that maybe he just wants to make more money with this book, but the behind-the-scenes photos from Empire Strikes Back in last week’s Entertainment Weekly are amazing and there are great quotes too.  This looks like it’s going to be a labor of love about a movie everyone loves.  Awesome. 

Out in October.

4. The return of Glee

It’s true, I’m one of them.  I love it.  It’s a smart show, done well.  It’s a lot of fun, while still telling some cool stories and not pandering to/about high school kids.  Sure the production numbers are polished with a capital P and some things may not be believable, but it also had the most well done coming-out scene I’ve ever seen, handling the topic so maturely and showing such beautiful humanity.  It’s like it’s a guilty pleasure without too much guilt.

And in the part 2 of this season (can you believe it only started this year?), we get to look forward to some awesome guest stars (Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenoweth is back, and, of course, Neil Patrick Harris) and, even better, lots of Jane Lynch singing and dancing!!!  Yaaaaaay!

Returns April 13 (yeah, tomorrow).

I am obviously not going in chronological order here at all.

5. What’s next for Mad Men

(Carrie, don’t read this til you’ve watched the rest of season 3)

I just finished watching Season 3 on DVD, and, while I thought it all got a little weird there in the middle and a little too much was left to silent symbolism without being explained, they ended on a great note.  I love the set-up in all good stories- the gathering of forces, preparing for battle, training sequences.  The Plan.  And the final episode was one awesome set-up for what’s to come.  It’s a new dawn on pretty much all levels for our flawed hero.  (hee hee, unintentional pun***)  As they mentioned in the commentary, hell, they’re going to get a whole new physical set.  It was the end of an era, but the gathering of the essentials of something new; all the characters you want to see more of are there, gathered together in one room, ready for the next step, the new company.  Things getting too confusing and not going where you want?  Cut ’em all out and start over.  I am very excited.

Season 4 starts in July 2010 (though I’d have to have working cable by then to watch it as it’s happening).

Okay, I only have a list of five for you, because that’s all I could think of right at this moment and I wanted to start this ball rolling.  Get things moving.  Shakin’ and bakin’ and- Okay, it’s time for bed. 

Many many more posts to come. 🙂

*Random videos, those you used to find in the side bar, are now all being sent to my tumblog of things I find funny and/or awesome.  I hope you’ll check it out — Gareth Keenan Investigates!

**I almost wrote, “and we now return you to your regular programming,” but what had become “regular” for this blog was complacency and laziness.  And even that was anything but regular.  So instead, welcome to the new and improved programming.  Ooh, that’s Exciting Thing #6!

***  Ooh ooh!  Best marketing campaign ever??!!  With a picture of Draper – “A New Dawn.”  This is just rife with possibility.  I’m a dork.

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