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Random Observation: Rizzoli & Isles…Please, consider your vowels!

Is it just me, or is Rizzoli and Isles the stupidest title for a show you’ve ever heard?  Who the hell picked those names and put them together???

I would like to make it clear that I am not at all saying that complicated names are a problem.*  Not at all. 

What I’m saying is that you should try saying them out loud AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, TOGETHER before slapping them on every poster and filming your commercials.  Naming is important and, unless you’re doing something biographical, writers have a choice.  And trust me, we do put a lot of thought into it.

So how the hell did this happen??? 

Seriously, try saying it out loud.  It’s all the vowels – “Rizzoli,” ending in I, then “and” starting with A, and then another I.  What’s wrong with you people???  Every time it is announced it has to be said like that.  And it won’t just be your paid narrator person for TNT always in control, if you want any sort of other publicity.  Just think how the talk shows are going to butcher it!  And no, making it an ampersand does not actually help at all.

I also just think Isles is almost impossible to say after anything.  Try it!  They’re obviously going to call themselves by their last names because they’re associated with law enforcement.**

“Hey, Isles!”

“This way, Isles.”

“The girl was DOA, Isles.”

Okay, that criticism applies especially if the word preceding ends in an A,E,I,O,U or Y, but I still think it’s just really hard to say.  Period.  And therefore one of the worst titling jobs ever.

Also, a cop and a medical examiner?  A tomboy and a girly girl?  Seriously?***

*Or complicated names with various ethnic backgrounds.  Somehow, I’m really worried someone will take offense here.  That’s not what I am saying at all.  I am just talking vowels in separate words being placed back to back.  In a work of fiction where you have control over these things and should consider how the title will read.

**Obviously.  Is there any other way?

***Looking at their website EXTREMELY briefly to confirm that “medical examiner” was the official description, I ended up watching the video about the show being based on a series of popular novels.  If that is the case, then I say “seriously???” to that author.  Someone is to blame for these stereotypes and names.  And even if she wasn’t planning on it being a tv show, readers would say the names in their heads and the title would still be impossible to pronounce.  In your head.



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Random Observation: The Karate Kid

Why is the new remake called The Karate Kid?  From everything I’ve gathered, it’s not the exact same story at all, so in that sense it’s not an outright remake.  They’re moving it to China, which means he’s studying kung fu with Jackie Chan, am I right?  I mean, they are different martial arts disciplines, aren’t they?*  It’s not actually karate anymore…

Why not call it The Kung Fu Kid and let it stand on it’s own?  I mean, the only reason to keep the title would be name recognition to bring in the $$$, I would think, but those of us who grew up with that movie love the original and don’t want a new one with Will Smith’s kid (who looks 9).  We don’t want a remake and will probably not see it for just that reason.  But I’ve seen The New Karate Kid (too many times on TV to mention actually.  I was recognizing Hillary Swank before people knew who she was).  And this is probably a pretty good movie, and it’d be nice to see Jackie Chan be serious (I think).

Let the original be its amazing self and let this be a new addition to the series…not a “remake” of an 80s movie that is perfectly good, nay great, as it is.  Why not The Kung Fu Kid?

What are you afraid of Hollywood?

* I do admit that I may be wrong in thinking this and there may be relationships that I don’t understand, just like I don’t know everything about the political histories of China and Japan.  But, for what I know, karate is Japanese and kung fu is Chinese and those are two totally different countries.


Though, on a related note, this is pretty awesome, especially the bit with The [Remade] Karate Kid poster…

Wax On, F*uck Off with Ralph Macchio:

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