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IT’S HERE! Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer, or My Future Birthday Party Part 2

[I’m not kidding about the birthday party thing. ūüôā¬† Though my birthday is in June, it’s close enough to ask people to join me at a midnight movie a month later.¬† Right?¬† RIGHT!*]

Yesterday,¬†the first¬†full trailer for¬†Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2¬†was released.¬† Personally, I found it on¬†(actually via my friend Sarah; go Sarah!).¬† And I couldn’t have summed it up better myself…

“Epic epicness.”


(while I could have embedded, it is so much better and bigger on the official website)

I am SO excited for this.

I mean, really:¬† The dragon!?¬† Mrs. Weasley vs. Bellatrix?!¬† And who else is now VERY excited for McGonagall’s army of armor kicking some serious ass?!!!

Each moment of this trailer makes me so happy.¬† And I know that some things will be changed from the book, as they have been each time, but I have faith in director David Yates.¬† He came on as director for Order of the Phoenix, the fifth movie of the series and my absolute favorite, and has been at the helm ever since.¬† Each has been beautiful, but I was slightly less impressed with 6 and 7 Part 1 (thought just slightly).¬† Phoenix has remained my favorite for it’s emotional journey within the single film and how beautifully it is crafted, shot, acted, everything.¬†¬†

I think Yates is about to do it again.¬† I will definitely give credit for the fact that 6 and 7 Part 1 are more difficult source material, as they are both¬†in large part¬†set-up for what comes next and therefore somewhat less able to stand alone.¬† But¬†that is also why I believe this final movie, the climax of the series, will be a return to everything I loved about Order of the Phoenix.¬† This is going to pack such an emotional punch, something¬†Yates and Daniel Radcliffe do SO well.¬† Not to mention, it’s going to be fun as hell.¬† Every interview has been pointing out that this is pretty much a non-stop action movie and, while it may¬†change a few things in its adaptation from the text, I¬†know that it¬†will be an exciting and oh-so-very-satisfying conclusion to our journey.¬†¬†

This is going to be just what I want it to be.  I can already tell.  How, you ask? 
One line.¬† One fabulously active and awesome line (that’s not even in the book).

“Let’s finish this the way we started…together!”

…which Harry says before throwing his arms around Voldemort’s neck and launching them off¬†the top of¬†Hogwarts.¬†


Yes, Harry.¬† Let’s do just that.¬† I’ll be right there with you.

* Yes, I have done this once before in college when one of the films came out within two days of my birthday.¬† And I¬†carried a¬†dorky plastic¬†party-favor wand with a button that made it light up.¬† And I loved it.¬† I suppose it should come as no surprise that I was one of the people who waited in line at midnight for the release of the seventh book.¬†¬†Judge if you want, but¬†it was a BLAST.¬† We played games, wore glow-in-the-dark Potter glasses and fake tattoos, read the last chapter of the sixth book while waiting,¬†and I¬†even¬†won¬†the lottery to be first in line at midnight!!!¬† It was such a fun night with my roommate, who was geeking out just as much as I was.¬† I don’t really do this with anything else, and it’s actually pretty fun letting go like that.¬† Getting a bit unabashedly obsessed.¬† We stayed up til at least 4 am that night reading, excitedly discussing big surprises as we reached them.¬† I miss getting to make an event like that and, while it is definitely sad that this is the last time a Harry Potter installment will be released mid-summer, I am not going to miss my chance to see it out with a bang.



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James Franco Don’t Care, James Franco Don’t Give a Sh*t

In looking around the interwebs to see what others thought of the Oscars, it seems that it is generally agreed that the hosting was, erm, not great.  People are being a little kinder to Anne than to James, mainly because she at least seemed to be trying.  James, on the other hand, appeared to completely not care or even want to be there.  Or so everyone says/thinks/presumes.

For my part, as soon as I saw “JAMES FRANCO AIN’T CARE” (here),¬†I knew that my only response to James’s hosting abilities could be this:


(I realize that I am not the first one¬†to make¬†this connection, *Erin*… and probably most of Twitter, and I don’t care.¬† That video does not get old.)

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Click Here: The Red Sparrows

This is awesome.  May it bring you laughs and get rid of stress during this holiday travelling season. 

I love the British.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. – Yes, I know I owe you many many posts.¬† I have excuses, but mainly, I’m a loser, baby, so why don’t you…um…well…wait, hang on…um…why don’t you watch this video in the meantime.¬† Or one of the other¬†videos in my vodpod sidebar. ¬†ūüôā Thank you for your patience. Permane ser sentavos por favor.)

P.P.S. – If that Spanish is wrong, blame the Matterhorn.

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Click Here: And smile! Fishing Channel Bloopers (the best idea ever)

This is way too good to put in a sidebar.

Ever wonder what you’re missing by not watching more of the Fishing Channel?¬† Well, you wouldn’t see this¬†because¬†it’s all¬†bloopers, but bloopers say a lot about a show.¬† And these are amazing.

Happy Wednesday!

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Click Here: Steve Martin is a player

This is just too awesome to hide over in the sidebar on the right (of random cool videos that you should totally check out, if you haven’t already).¬†

I love Steve Martin.

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Take This Wand and…

This is awesome!

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Wow. Just…wow

Oh. My. God.¬† My jaw just dropped watching this.¬† Perhaps you already know about these videos, but I didn’t and I just automatically need to share this new knowledge with the world.

It may seem repetitive, but have patience and watch the whole thing.¬† And no, I don’t know who or what P-Low: The Skillful Abbot is.¬† Perhaps he’s the nice Australian man.

Yes.¬† Yes, you just saw that.¬† I mean, besides the obvious, there’s the diaper on the head tied under his nose!¬† For a moment I thought he was robbing her with a paper clip.¬† I mean, I’m glad they’re learning useful phrases for traveling abroad.¬† And I suppose aerobics is a sort of mnemonic.¬† They both end in “ic” anyway.¬† You can’t get it out of your head, right?

Oh yes, there’s more.

Useful phrase, no?¬† I like that the computer voice says¬†it with three different inflections.¬† I would also like to point out that they are wearing matching sports bras that say “Fraulein,” WITH the umlaut.¬† Just ’cause.

You’re welcome.¬† And if it’s stuck in your head for days, I want to hear allllll about it.

(thank you to this blog for introducing these amazing women to me:

PS – don’t you like my newfound skills for embedding videos?¬† It will make everything so much more exciting!

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