I’ve Made Up My Mind, I Ain’t Wastin’ No More Time

I am so clearly bad about posting, it’s just sad. The strike was for one day, it’s not an excuse.

And it’s not like I’m done here. I am constantly having ideas for posts, for things to share, for new features to try! When I watch something, I end up thinking in terms of how I would write it up on this blog,  yet I don’t stop and take the time to actually do so.  Pathetic. And the more time that passes, the harder it seems to start again.  Not to mention that I always feel that I need to reintroduce myself, to recommit to you, dear reader, and pledge to try harder, to be better.

I suppose my thinking I need an introduction is really just an attempt to take a moment to transition from silence to starting again, so it doesn’t come out of nowhere. I am aware that I’ve been bad. I’m calling after too long, wondering how best to catch you up, awkwardly hoping you remember me and worrying that you don’t.

But screw that. It’s a new year, so let’s just kick this pig.

I’m not going to give you any pledges because who knows what will happen.

But I can start again.

This is my transition.



Here I go.


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