Happy Halloween! or Jurassic Park is REAL

Hello again!  Yes, I’ve been gone a long time.  This is due to some combination of the following reasons:

a. Crazy wedding season that included lots of flying around the country and/or choreographing dance routines for people

b. Going to Africa (!!!)

c. Being a no good very bad blogger.

I will be posting soon about some of the above reasons (can you guess which?).  But first, it’s Halloween and I love my costume.

And it has to do with movies.  So here we go.

Saturday night I attended a party with the theme of Classic Movies (“classic” to be interpreted as you saw fit), which was particularly perfect for someone who, y’know, likes movies or something.

The boyfriend and I were pretty darn excited when we came up with our idea, and so I thought I would share.

"Oh, Mr Arnold..."

No! Samuel L. Jackson! Ack, wait, a raptor!

They can't see you if you don't move...

It’s all in the props. And I must say, I really enjoyed carrying around Sammy J.’s arm all night.*

Pretty close, right?**

But my reenactments of Jurassic Park scenes don’t end there…

Last year, we went on a trip to Kauai and I was very excited to see some of the sites used in the filming of this “Classic” film.  I meant to post about it all last year, and that clearly didn’t happen, but it’s applicable once again so just go with it.

We were lucky enough to take a helicopter ride around the island and got to see the waterfall where they landed…in a helicopter! (this is my own video)

And we went on a tour of the Allerton Garden, which, #1, is beautiful and if you are ever in Kauai you should visit it, and #2, includes the giant Moreton Bay Fig Trees featured in the film.  These are the trees up which Dr. Grant and the two kids spend the night (where the brachiosaurus…es…- um, brachiosauri? – say hi in the morning and one sneezes on Lex) and between whose GIANT roots Alan finds the eggs proving that the dinosaurs are breeding.

Where's Waldo?

They're breeding!

The moral of this story?  I dunno.  I like Jurassic Park?  I AM Laura Dern? Um…


*In case you’re curious – yes, we found that severed arm AS IS at the Halloween Store.

** Yes, I know she was wearing shorts and that was the plan… until it started SNOWING.


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