My Personal PotterFest 2011


2:05 pm.  In Imax and 3D.*


The boyfriend and I had plans to watch all seven previous movies, but due to circumstances were not able to begin our Personal PotterFest early enough this week.  In the past three days we have watched the first three (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban) and the last (Deathly Hallows Part One).  I love the first two and their discovery of magic, but I was also noticing flaws or things that bothered me this time.  I began to worry that I was going to change my perception on the whole film series.  Maybe it’s because I’m older this time.  But then three came along – I haven’t seen that in its entirety forever.  I only ever catch the end and I’d been avoiding it because I’m not as big a fan of the werewolf scenes.  But the rest of that movie is GREAT!  And so much happens; so much is introduced in the third movie.  I’m so glad to have rewatched it.

Then due to time issues we skipped ahead, and it was a bit jarring to have the kids and the storyline grow so much “overnight.”  Suddenly everything was dire.  I have really liked the last two movies, but I haven’t loved them the first time that I saw them.  I think it’s difficult with so much anticipation.  I can’t help comparing them to the books, wishing that favorite scenes or lines had been left in unchanged.  And both 6 and 7.1 are so much about the set up the end of a great series; it makes it harder for them to stand alone.  I have also seen each of them a second time in theatres, and each time had a much better experience and came out able to appreciate the movie for itself, as a whole.  Watching 7.1 last night, I saw again what a BEAUTIFUL movie it is (David Yates, I love you).  The boyfriend commented on the amazing tone that is set: quiet despair.  I loved it once again, and we readied ourselves for today, Opening Day.

In less than two hours I will see the conclusion to ten years of movies.  As I’m sure many have mentioned, lots has happened in my lifetime over the course of this series.  And I have loved seeing the new Harry Potter movie every time.

There won’t be a new one after this, which is sad.  I’ll miss having another one to look forward too.  When the books ended, it was nice to know that we’d still have new movies coming out for a few years.

But I am also ready.  Book 7 is my favorite and I can’t WAIT to see how it ends.

And I need to remember to remove the pressure from this first viewing.  Because I’ll be seeing it again with my mom next week. 🙂



*We decided to just go for it.



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4 responses to “My Personal PotterFest 2011

  1. Allyson

    Am I mistaken or weren’t you scheduled to have a Potterfest with me? Harumph!

    • Jenny

      Don’t worry! It was a catch-up. As you can see, we didn’t get through them all! And since I’m going out of town, we can’t, so another true fest is scheduled for the future when they’re all out on DVD.
      We’ll have to plan it out with all three of us (4 if BB is up for it?).

  2. Thank God that Alfonso Cuaron came along, he’s really what saved the series. While the first two films were okay, I never really felt the magic of the books until he took over. I feel like Yates really copied his style and that has helped keep the magic alive through the rest of the series.

    • Jenny

      I agree, I loved three way more than I remembered. It had been so long since I’d seen the first half of that movie. Cuaron is really responsible for LOT of the way things look, a lot of the adult characters, a lot of choices (I mean, dementors? patronuses? Emma Thompson? Amazing!). Plus give me a good time travel story any day. If you can do it in a smart way, I will just love you more.

      Based on Order of the Phoenix alone, I fell in love with David Yates, and I have been so happy that he got to do the rest of the series. I don’t want to knock Chris Columbus too much, or Mike Newell, but Cuaron and Yates are definitely my favorites. I like that you’re pointing out the similarities between them – I can get behind that.

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