Clearly, I am not winning any Oscar polls, or Here’s who won a small gold man named Oscar!

So I did not do so hot with my predictions for the Oscars.  I got over 50%, which is something, but with only 14 of 24 correct, it’s not exactly celebration-worthy.  But dammit, I cheered on True Grit‘s costumes just for the hell of it, and it was fun.  I think the people I watched with were also amused by my continual groaning as I marked my paper with a purple X.  So there’s that.

The little forms I cut out of EW did prove to be very helpful for keeping track.  Now you too can see who won, in clear contrast to who I thought would win, as denoted in purple below…  (checks when I was right, X’s show who won when I was wrong)

I will definitely not be winning any gift cards this year.  Eeesh.

Do you find this at all helpful?  I’m curious.  If nothing else, at least I’m committed to the follow-up for once.


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