Oscars 2011: My Predictions, Hopes, and Dreams…within Dreams…

It’s 6:00 here in New York.  The Oscars start in 2.5 hours.  So it’s just about time I give you my predictions, right?  Now they’ll be on the internet for the ages and you can hold me to them.

This may look a little more complicated, but that’s because I realized the things I think will win may be different from what I hope will win.

Black = Who I predict will win

Red = Who I hope will win

Then again, I’m not being very consistent at all, because sometimes I still predicted based on what I want vs. where the fickle voting politics may sway voters (i.e. Allyson, I have taken your suggestions about The Fighter and I clearly really want Inception to win things, especially Screenplay which I really think it deserves).

It’s a complicated voting process, so I give you my complicated Oscar picks.  Take them as you will.

And thanks to Entertainment Weekly for providing this nice ballot that I have chopped up and written all over.

Enjoy the ceremony!  Here’s hoping it’s a good one!


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One response to “Oscars 2011: My Predictions, Hopes, and Dreams…within Dreams…

  1. Hooray for The Fighter! I’m at work, let me know how it goes…

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