The 2011 Oscar Best Picture Nominees, or Some Fun Stuff to Click On and an Exciting Announcement from Me!

Oscar season is upon us and, as I missed writing this on the day of the nominee annoucements due to the aformentioned plague/packing-of-everything-I-owned, I am writing about it now.

The big show is coming up on February 27th and, now that I have cable,* I definitely plan on watching.  I think there is a great field of nominees this year, particularly in the Best Picture category.  The 10 choices are diverse, covering many different styles and deserving of the honor for different reasons, and will make for an interesting race.  I don’t think it’s a shoe-in for any one film.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a real ballgame, and here is your lineup:

  1. Black Swan
  2. The Fighter
  3. Inception
  4. The Kids Are Alright
  5. The King’s Speech
  6. 127 Hours
  7. The Social Network
  8. Toy Story 3
  9. True Grit
  10. Winter’s Bone

Personally, I have seen 4 of the 10, noted in bold.  Maybe not great for a film blogger (or whatever I am), but such is life.  How many have you seen?

Need to catch up on a few of big 10, but don’t have time to run out to a theatre?  Well, let me help give you a quick summary… that is to say, let me give you links to some other people’s awesome creative quick summaries.  Your choices are:

Best Picture Nominees as Acted Out by Small Children

(These are pretty amazing.  As a huge fan of Sportsnight, the Aaron Sorkin dialogue joke in The Social Network video makes me smile inside)



(If I had to pick a winner based on these pictures alone, it would totally be 127 Hours, the most interesting…um…diorama(?) by far.)

As for real written summaries, of both these movies and the many other categories available, let me recommend:

The LAMB Devours the Oscars 

The Large Association of Movie Blogs is featuring an article a day on each of the categories and each of the Best Picture nominees from the day after the nominations are announced until the day before the big show.

And not only is this a place to see some great Oscar writing/predictions/mockery, but also…

are you ready for it?…

this is my big announcement moment…

here we go…


That’s right, stay tuned for my upcoming post on Best Picture Nominee The King’s Speech.

Woohoo!  February is already more interesting, right?

*Meaning that Time Warner finally came to set it up and also that I have spent the last…oh goodness…7-8 years without TV.  I did have a TV in the physical sense and I watched a lot of DVDs.  Repeatedly.  And I am a master of Netflix Instant Watch and internet TV watching.  Yes, this is probably a large part of why I am the way I am.


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