Happy New February! (and happy very slightly noteworthy blog landmark)

So it is 2011.

It did not start out exactly as I had planned, with January promises and resolutions to write more.  In fact, January flew by in two large events:

1. I got the plague.  Okay, maybe not the plague, but I was very sick.  I am fine, but I was seriously out for the count for 2 weeks.

2. I moved apartments.  Seeing as #2 was postponed and thrown off track by #1, there was a LOT that had to happen at the end of the month and all concentration went into figuring life out.  And not at all into making resolutions or writing more.

But I am better, I am moved, and we even finally have internet in the new apartment. 

So all hail February!  It is here, it is exciting, and now things can start happening!

Prepare for a new year.  A whole new February.*

And I am noting this new year in my 50th post on this blog!  Yes, that’s sad, but it’s a landmark nonethless.  And it’s February.  Bring on the writing!

*Yeah, okay, it’s halfway over.  But whatever… Happy Valentine’s Day!  Personally, I am watching a Bones marathon.  Nothing like skulls and rotting flesh to celebrate love.


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