Time Traveling Drag Queen from the Future*

I know I probably missed the boat on this being news to you, but this is pretty awesome.

Have you heard about the guy who found “proof” of time travel in the DVD extras of a Charlie Chaplin movie?

George Clark was watching his box set of Charlie Chaplin films and in the extras for The Circus he watched the footage of the film’s premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theatre in 1928.  In the footage is an old person (woman, man, it’s a bit up for debate) who appears to be talking into a cell phone.  In any case, they are definitely holding something to their ear and talking.

Here, he made a video (be warned, it’s rather long):

I realize I’ve pretty much missed the big debate and people have been saying it’s just a hearing device.  I would guess heated words have been thrown around and hackles have been raised.  I’m sure a religious group somewhere is pissed off.  Personally, I really don’t think ole’ George deserves to be called a “nutcase.”  He’s hopeful. 

And I get it.  For my part, I completely agree with Kai over at The List, where I first heard about this…

It’s just pretty damn cool to consider…even if only for a moment…that time travel is possible!!! 

And that the proof is hidden in this extremely random place.  I totally agree that it sounds like the set up for an awesome movie – this regular guy discovers the truth by watching DVD extras…he found something no one else ever noticed and is launched into this hidden secret world…must fight off the cover-up goons…gets to change history.  It’s an unusual entry point into the classic “things are not what they seem” story that we’ve been telling forever. 

Also, as brought up in The List’s comments, consider this: it’s the future and we’ve harnessed the power of time travel.  Done.  Awesome.  So what do we do with our newfound powers?  Well, I’ll tell you what.  We send a drag queen to attend the premiere of a Charlie Chaplin film…and call and tell someone about it.  How freaking hilarious and cool is that?

Or maybe our time travel movie starts when a drag queen from the future STEALS the time traveling device to use for her own selfish ends.  And she’s a serious film buff.  Weirder movies have been made, my friends.

Mainly, I just really love the phrase “time traveling drag queen.”  Hey, there’s the pitch right there!**

* To be said in the same voice as “Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a Half Century”***

** No stealing.

*** In looking that up to make sure I didn’t get the century wrong, I discovered that Duck Dodgers’ full name is: Duck Edgar Dumas Aloysius Eoghain Dodgers. Woah.



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4 responses to “Time Traveling Drag Queen from the Future*

  1. I just prefer to live in a world where this may be a “time travelling drag queen” than in one where we dismiss it as a crazy old bag lady with a hearing aid horn thingy!

  2. Love the title 🙂 The video was fun to watch.

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