Let’s Get Rockin’!

You knew I was going to do it again, right?  I went out of town one more time and then came back to a “part-time” gig that became ALL-CONSUMING for the last couple of weeks.  Clearly, I haven’t quite figured out the whole “balance” thing yet.

But that is all done, and I am excited to re-commit to you, dear readers, and to this blog.  Really.  I mean it. 

If you still feel slighted, then just keep watching Kevin Kline hanging John Cleese out a window.  It certainly makes me feel better.

If, however, you are ready to journey with me into the unknown and possibly sporadic world of me writing stuff here… well…

*Okay, maybe not as dramatic as I had hoped.  Just picture the moment where Jack Black yells, “LET’S GET ROCKIN’!!!” It’s what I hear in my head every time, but I can’t find that clip.


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