What Did I Miss?

I’m back.

Once again, I was gone for much of the month of August and the beginning of September.  I’m sorry that I didn’t let you know in advance.  I’d have sent a postcard, but I didn’t have your address.  My trip was extended on rather short notice (a business trip!  for a writer!  yippee!), but still.  Per usual, I was neglectful.  But I am back, with ideas and excitement and new galoshes and jet lag.

So what have a missed? 

I was not on the internet much, so I don’t know what’s been happening.  I did manage to see Eat Pray Love in the theatre.  Who am I kidding, it can’t be gone yet, it’d be too popular.  But I don’t think the quality of the movie itself warrants a super long run.  I am not really a fan of the movie version.  If you’re interested, I can go into it.

I showed my mom how Netflix Instant Watch works on my laptop and we watched two episodes of Fawlty Towers.  Because the hotel TV choices sucked.  And just because.

I hung out with a friend who works in Hollywood.  We talked about movies.  That counts.

And I did get to watch movies in our family friend’s home movie theatre, and I mean the type with your own personal recliner and a screen that lowers from the ceiling and a popcorn machine (and a creepy mannequin in pajamas in the back row for some reason).  The first night, I introduced my mom to Galaxy Quest (YAY!), and the second night we saw To Live, a great Chinese movie from 1994 by Yimou Zhang, the guy who went on to direct Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, and more.

The trip was great, but I’m back home, at my desk, laptop ready to go, and- wait, WHAT??  IMDB got an update?!  When did that happen???  I don’t quite know what to do with myself.  The pictures…they’re so huge!  And the stars (the ones for rating)…gigantic!  And the format is…different.  I am hesitant, but hopeful.  And a dork.

What else has been changing out here on the interweb? 

And how was your August?


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One response to “What Did I Miss?

  1. Welcome back! Ugh the imdb update is weird and not conducive to easy viewing or quick look-ups.

    Also I love Galaxy Quest! Must have been fun in a home theater! (we sort of have half of one, with a projector and pull-down screen in our living room)

    You didn’t miss much, I don’t think. Scott Pilgrim is really good, if it’s your thing… The American is pretty boring… The Expendables is hit and miss… and Machete is totally fun. Those are the main releases I can think of that came out recently. It’s been slim pickins’!

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