Moving On

1.  I seem to have been a part of/helped cause/perpetuated a bit of a kerfuffle last week.  I am not going to link to it again.  See below if you are interested.

2.  This is my first time being part of a kerfuffle here on the interwebs.  I don’t particularly think I like causing/prepetuating/whatever them.  But it has been making me think a lot and analyze, which is good.

3.  I do, however, LOVE the word “kerfuffle.”  Well, actually, I must admit, that I have always thought it was “kerfluffle.”  And darn it all, I still like “kerfluffle” better.  I picture an angry little bird with all its feathers ruffled up.

4.  I’m moving on, with thoughts, lessons, and a new commitment to clarity of language.

5.  Topic change, ready, go:  INCEPTION!!!!!  INCEPTIONINCEPTIONINCEPTIONNNNNN!!!  I finally saw it last night.  🙂


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