I have been to Fargo and, against all movie odds, survived…

Happy super-belated 4th of July! 

I was out of town for the 4th of July weekend and it has been taking me a little while to catch up with deadlines since I have returned.  In trying not to distract myself from said deadlines, I have been strict about not doing this post for fun when I should be writing for money.  Then again, I have also been out enjoying summer in NY and eating free cupcakes.  You’ll just have to deal with that.

In any case, as you can probably guess now, over the 4th of July weekend I went to Fargo.  This was not my first time to North Dakota (and I can tell you about an awesome and awesomely weird place to go called the Enchanted Highway, if you’re interested), but it was my first to Fargo.  I was actually going to a farm near a very small town in the far northern reaches of Minnesota…so far north, in fact, that it was closer to fly into Fargo and drive from there.

As it turns out, this trip coincided with Netflix sending me none other than, Fargo, a movie that has been on my catch-up list (of famous movies that everyone knows, but that I have managed to miss) for quite some time.  It had been sitting next to my DVD player for quite some time too because I was never quite in the mood to watch something that I knew was pretty dark.  In preparation for my upcoming trip, however, I decided it was the perfect time to finally watch Fargo.

It turned out to be kind of an interesting experience.  And not just because it’s a dark, interesting movie with a weird tone.  Because it was so famous a while ago, I must have heard a few things and had a few ideas of what happened, but because it was then such a long time before I saw it, I’d forgotten anything I might have known.  I have also tried not to learn anything of the plot on purpose in recent years.  So I had a relatively authentic experience without knowing what would happen next (awesome!), with some weird, vaguely familiar “oh yeah” feelings as well.  And so I give you, my thoughts on…

Fargo, the Movie

1. Marge Gunderson is AWESOME.  So very very awesome.  Such a cool character.

2. Wow, there are lots of dead people!

I knew there was going to be some death.  I knew it was about a murder out in the middle of nowhere, but then I thought that might be it, after the beginning.  Like in a one-hour tv crime series – death at the beginning, then the rest of the time spent figuring it out.  I tried to confirm this theory with the boyfriend – “Yeah,” he said.  “Not much else,” he said.  “Don’t worry.”  HA!  That was VERY much not correct.

3. It’s a problem when you can’t tell that an important character is dead. 

These are necessary things to be clear on.

4. All over a parking lot??!!

The writer half of me thinks this is awesome.  The audience member/taking-this-as-reality half of me thinks this is absolutely horrifying.  Which the writer half finds even more awesome.

(Side note – Also horrifying if taken as reality and thinking how you would really feel in that situation: the kidnapping and that phone under the door!)

5. Oh yeah… that’s right, a wood chipper!

I remember hearing something about one of those and some famous scene… 🙂  It’s weird to realize this as that scene is happening.

Fargo, the Town

1. I really only saw the airport.  But there were tractors inside, directly across from the rental car desk.

2. It was the middle of summer, not winter at all, so that was different.

3. I did not see a giant Paul Bunyan statue.  Unfortunately.

4. I also did not see any dead bodies on the side of the road.  Fortunately.

5. My flight out of Fargo at 6:30 am was cancelled because there was NO PLANE, and possibly no other planes that day.  Grrrrrr.  We ended up having to drive all the way to Minneapolis and I didn’t sleep for 36 hours straight.  Sorry, Fargo, but this is my lasting impression of you.



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3 responses to “I have been to Fargo and, against all movie odds, survived…

  1. Colin Covert

    The giant Paul Bunyan statue is located in Marge Gunderson’s home base, Brainerd, MN, not in Fargo ND.

  2. That’s too bad that you didn’t get to see more of Fargo while you were here. I would have to say you didn’t have the best experience…I hope you can come back someday and take in some of the “Fargo” atmosphere. Hint: hit up the historic downtown area…quite a cool place to spend some time. Sorry to hear you had to drive to MPLS…that doesn’t seem right at all. Oh, and we don’t have Paul here, but we do have a life-sized woodcarving of Marge! 🙂

    • cassiopeia137

      Thanks for the tips, Brian! Someone else was setting me right on the Paul Bunyan statue too (I didn’t check my facts on that one), but the woodcarving sounds awesome! (I love stuff like that) I agree, it was not the best experience, but that was not Fargo’s fault. It was United Airlines’s. It wasn’t our final destination that time, so I didn’t have the chance to look around, but hopefully I will be there again one day!

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