90s Child Star? Join the party!

I know I said I wasn’t posting videos here, but this is just too much.

I don’t believe I watched this show, Camp Cucamonga, but I certainly watched ALL of the shows that ALL of these people were subsequently on.  Ech, just don’t mind the grammar there and watch this –

Yes, that’s Steve Urkel RAPPING.  And DJ Tanner.  AND Winnie Cooper.  Apparently this was THE place to be to then star in a family sitcom in the 90s.  And to be curious, furious, excited, and delighted.

And when I looked it up to try to figure out if it was just a weird rap video with actor wannabes who eventually made it or an actual form of entertainment, I learned that Jennifer Aniston is apparently one of those hot girls in an inner tube.  Or no, wait, a counselor.  Whatever.


Oh, and Breckin Meyer’s in there too.

I know, right?

And no, you didn’t really need to know that, I suppose.  Ah well, welcome to my world!


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