Thank you, Total Film, and Welcome!

Thank you so much to Total Film for including me in their newsletter yesterday as one of “3 Cool Movie Blogs to Visit”!

Because of you I am receiving previously unheard of levels of visitor traffic and your recommendation is exciting and flattering and much appreciated.  (It really is my birthday on Sunday, so thank you for my early present.  Well done, you.)

Also, thank you to the LAMB (Large Associationg of Movie Blogs) for helping me to be findable in the first place – if you want movie blogs, that is the place to find them (over 550 and counting!) and a wonderful community.

For those of you who are not finding this site through that newsletter and want to check it out (mom, I mean you), click here.

And if you are visiting 10 Things I Hate* About Your Movie for the first time, welcome!  Please note: the articles are not always things that I “hate,” hence the asterisk – sometimes they are things I “love” or “like” or just “10 things.”  The point being that I just love discussing movies and my thoughts on them, and on entertainment in general.  And I discovered that I like writing in lists.

I should also let you know that this blog is more about critiques than reviews and I may be discussing films without much summary, in their entirety, and with the “assumption” that the reader has also seen the movie (or that they are interested in reading on anyway).  This means that there will be spoilers, and while I will give periodic warnings, please tread carefully.  I do not want to ruin the end of the movie/tv show/book/play for you.  (Though I can tell you now that it was that guy.  The one on the left.) 

Okay, enough sounding like an acceptance speech or sales pitch of some kind.  Bring on the lists!


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