Awesomely terrible… or terribly awesome?

So I was just browsing Netflix Instant Watch, which seems to be reaching some new lows, and came across this lovely description of the 1987 Matthew Broderick movie, Projext X:

“In this movie that harbors a message, young Air Force pilot Jimmy (Matthew Broderick) takes a shine to a young chimpanzee that’s being used as the prime “guinea pig” for some top secret military experiments. Jimmy hooks up with empathetic primate expert Teri (Helen Hunt), and together the threesome makes a stand against the evil and abusive lab coats.”

You KNOW it’s a great movie when the first words of description are that it “harbors a message.” Plus, it’s a star + monkey movie.  Always classic. 

Really, if I’m going to pick apart the language, this description is rife with interesting phrases.  When was the last time you heard of someone “taking a shine” to something, let alone a monkey?  Perhaps “learns to care for” didn’t sound right and “begins to love” felt a little too strong.  And “hook up” definitely meant something different in 1987 (and for social injustice-fighting movie duos).  And for that matter, they’re fighting abusive coats.  COATS, people.

Just had to share.  I knew you were wondering what to watch tonight… *devilish grin*

(Of course, now that I’ve focused all this attention on it, Project X and it’s mokey love may bother me until I watch it myself.  After all, the evil Netflix lab coats’ best guess for my enjoyment of the film was 4 stars – well above the 3.5 member average! Curses!)


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