Dear wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for your patience and, I hope, for sticking with me! 

I am sorry for my complete lack of posting during the last month.  I was in Scotland for the entire month of August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, seeing as much theatre as I possibly could.  My grand total is 46 shows in 4 weeks, and I am pretty damn proud of that number! 

But now I am back and able once again to attend to your entertainment-related listing needs.  I hope I have not lost you over the last month, but hopefully I can make it up to you now.  Please come back soon; I am posting once more!

Also, I have exciting news that I will be sharing…in the next post!

To welcome us all back, here are 

10 random things I learned in Scotland:

1. Most websites where I normally watch tv/movies do not let you view their content when out of the country (this includes network websites, as well as Netflix!).  Here’s to YouTube trawling!

Also, please accept this as a small part of why I haven’t been posting.

2. If you have a show in a botanic garden, pool, bus, boat, or while keeping the audience blindfolded, or giving us free croissants and tea…I am so there.

3. Everyone is better as a zombie.

4. I have a love of good cabaret. (who knew?)

5. There is a lot of sheep poop.  Don’t step in it.

6. The hot thing to do at the Fringe was apparently white clown makeup, in varying degrees of melting off your face.  I saw this a lot.

7. Swine flu jokes get old.  Fast.

8. I love porridge. 🙂

9. Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson is the perfect book to read while driving around Scotland.

10. I want to go back!!!


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