Wow. Just…wow

Oh. My. God.  My jaw just dropped watching this.  Perhaps you already know about these videos, but I didn’t and I just automatically need to share this new knowledge with the world.

It may seem repetitive, but have patience and watch the whole thing.  And no, I don’t know who or what P-Low: The Skillful Abbot is.  Perhaps he’s the nice Australian man.

Yes.  Yes, you just saw that.  I mean, besides the obvious, there’s the diaper on the head tied under his nose!  For a moment I thought he was robbing her with a paper clip.  I mean, I’m glad they’re learning useful phrases for traveling abroad.  And I suppose aerobics is a sort of mnemonic.  They both end in “ic” anyway.  You can’t get it out of your head, right?

Oh yes, there’s more.

Useful phrase, no?  I like that the computer voice says it with three different inflections.  I would also like to point out that they are wearing matching sports bras that say “Fraulein,” WITH the umlaut.  Just ’cause.

You’re welcome.  And if it’s stuck in your head for days, I want to hear allllll about it.

(thank you to this blog for introducing these amazing women to me:

PS – don’t you like my newfound skills for embedding videos?  It will make everything so much more exciting!


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