Click Here!!!: Performing Brilliance

Oh. My. God.

I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.  This is happiness.  You will thank me.  🙂

YouTube – Stavros Flatley – Britain’s Got Talent – Show 1.

PS – Susan who?


PPS – I have realized that perhaps this is not so funny if one has never heard of Michael Flatley or Lord of the Dance (what, have you been living in an underground cave?).  To that end, for your edification, I give you Michael Flatley, the most pompous performer of all time, in all of his Celtic spritely glory.

YouTube – Lord Of the Dance – Cry of the Celts [Michael Flatley] – Skip to 2:00 for the grand entrance (and also the clip that the above is based on!).  Mmm, shiny shirt.

I think my favorite part is when he slo-mo prowl/creeps forward and then prances back and forth showing off his calves.  And they are glorious.  Enjoy the learning experience and your introduction to this important part of our popular culture canon.


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