Click Here: Check out my vodpod videos on your right. All the cool kids are doin’ it.

Just a note to point out my vodpod sidebar thingamabobber and that I’m constantly adding videos to it that I think are awesome, and that I think you should check out!  However, I’m not writing a new post for each one.  So, if you come back here and I continue to suck and not update things…check out the sidebar!

Thoroughly entertaining and sure to brighten your day…or at least distract you from work for a little while, assuming that playing videos does not shut down your whole company’s server.  In that case, do it later.

To give you a sample of the awesomeness, I’m singling out a video; I’m also doing this because it needs some explanation as to why it’s there and now I can prove to you I’m not a total weirdo.

Check out Miniatur Wunderland!

This video may appear on the surface to be a slightly interesting look at the world’s largest miniature replica (read: gigundo train set) of…the world.  However, this official corporate ad video for the tourist attraction in Hamburg is so much more!

Sure, there are moving cars, picturesque villages, trains, lots of water, yeah, okay, whatever.  The guy’s kinda funny, it’s all in a German accent, the translation is a little iffy, but that’s not all.  Trust me and have patience until 2:35.

That’s when we get to why I put this video on here –

This miniatur wunderland is full of people too!  Every sort of person you could hope for.  What sorts are those?  Well, he’ll tell you.  “Thick people, thin people, animals on trips, or very strong famous children.”  Yes, that’s right.  You read that right.  Don’t you know any very strong famous children?  Or penguins with suitcases?  I also love that after the one fireeater they have (there can only be one) they point out the “very alive humans,” also known as people having sex in a field.  That’s kind of the best description ever.  I get the feeling that with hours of examination you could find all sorts of weird little things they throw in (like the sexual references in old Disney movies).  Perhaps Waldo’s in there somewhere too. 

Keep watching.  Wait, what’s that?!  A snowman in an outhouse?  An upside down house AND a secret underground lair?  AAAND a whorehouse?

The people who created this thing have what one might call an “interesting” sense of humor.  And I like it.

So visit the Miniatur Wunderland, and prepare to be amazed.



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2 responses to “Click Here: Check out my vodpod videos on your right. All the cool kids are doin’ it.

  1. That is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. I want to go and be King of Miniatur Wünderland. It would be awesome if they had an iguana running loose in their somewhere.

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