Terminator’s Terminus, or the best season finale ever! (because it’s the most recent and I’m excited)

Upon hearing they were doing Terminator as a TV show I was very very skeptical.  I was convinced by my then roommate to give it a chance (plus we didn’t pay for TV, and in that situation, believe me, you watch any DVD you can get your hands on).  After putting up with and getting past the first episode, which has some very clunky moments, they found their footing and I found a new favorite.  I am a fan.

This year’s season 2 has included the typical sophomore slump and they have run up against some problems.  A number of the episodes were very confusing and not that interesting to try to figure out and the plot was getting more and more convoluted.  It felt kind of off track.  Recently, however, they have gotten back to their roots with more action, more intrigue, and some good ole’ evil-robots-coming-after-you simplicity.  Or so you thought.

Last Friday was the season finale.  Though it was in April, I am happy to report that it was one hell of a ride.  So enjoyable.  Best episode of the season by far and a great way to launch into season 3 (I hope!).

So here are 10 reasons why the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was the best ever…, man:


1. The sorta/kinda sex scene!!!!

It’s what we’ve been waiting for all along!  They were totally giving the fans what they wanted, in my opinion.  And well done.  I mean, you don’t cast Summer Glau as the frickin’ terminator if you’re not going to do something with it!  The scene was probably written really dorkily, but I can’t detect it because it was exactly like I would do it, with everything they’re saying sounding like something else and something much dirtier than it is…  Oh the glorious glorious tension.  I LOVE shit like this!

2.  Character retool – Perceived bad guys are actually your friends and you have approx. 2.5 seconds to start understanding that

Things were getting a little same ole’ same ole’ (big bad enemy, they’re running etc…), but now meet your new best friend the Scottish grunge metal singer (i.e Shirley Manson as the T-1000) and your new savior the bad robot with the brain of your good wannabe-girlfriend robot.  Huge reboot and so much new fun stuff to play with.

Plus all this confusing plot crap from all season is immediately thrown in a whole new light as well – example, by blowing up the building was Shirley Manson doing a good thing?

3. People you thought were off the show are suddenly back…and not dead

I was a little surprised by Brian Austin Green being shot so abruptly in the last episode.  I though it was cool they didn’t make his death a big deal, but it was almost too quick.  Like maybe he got fired.  And I couldn’t believe they were about to do the show without Cameron (Glau); I mean, she’s the reason most men watched it in the first place, right?  I was feeling a little sorry for the actors being suddenly off the show…and now they’re not.

This is making me think of the Crank 2 posters floating around in the subway, which I have been meaning to comment on.  If you haven’t seen them, the tagline is: “He was dead…but he got better.”  Fucking brilliant.  Totally thumbing their nose at everyone and saying, it was a cool movie, yeah we want to do another for money, so fuck you we’re going to, we don’t care what we wrote into the first one.  Probably going to work really well for them and people will buy it because they’re admitting it’s ludicrous.

In Terminator, however, the actors getting to come back is much more sophisticated than that.  Because they get to play with time travel.  Ha!

4.  All the time travel

So potentially cool.  I mean, when the hell are they?  I think Cameron is not going to be a robot and is actually going to be April (or whatever her name was from Tarzana or wherever).

Also potentially very very confusing.  Is John in the future really going to be the John from the past (since no one seemed to know who he was when he said his name)?  Were they kidding?  Does John ever even really exist? Writers, you better make this clear or you are going to have mid-Season 2 problems again and I almost gave up on you there.

5.  John Henry plays D&D!!!!!!!!!!

They don’t quite call it that, probably for legal reasons or it cost too much or something, but those are the rules they were playing.  That was a 20-sided die and they talked about crits and HP and yes, that means I know what I’m talking about.  What’s it to you?  …No, you’re a geek. 

6. The appearance again of the thug chick from the fake ID papers gang house

She was badass.  Nice to see her again.

7. Jeremy!!!

All I could think when Sarah was being interrogated was…”It’s Jeremy!!!”  As in from Sportsnight.  As in actually I mean Joshua Malina.  He’s awesome.  I was happy to see him.  They should have used him more.  He didn’t get an ending to his part in this episode, really.  Maybe that means he’ll be back…???

8. The “I love you too.”

Wasn’t expecting it.  Little sentimental.  But a cool move.  (that is, the lightning crack at the end and Sarah’s parting words traveling over time after her son, even thought no one was there to hear it)

9.  Naked Thomas Dekker.

I looked it up.  He’s not that much younger than me, so I am not creepy.  And Woo hoo!

10.  The very obvious Something New for Season 3

Dude, I’m excited.  The super fast pace, the shifting of everything I thought I knew and leaving me someplace totally different – this episode left us at a new beginning.  We will have to learn everything all over again, right along with our main character.  It’s a great place to be, and at the end of this episode I was pumped.  That is exactly what you want to have happen for your season finale, so well done…you.  Whoever you are.


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