Friday Afternoon Thoughts – A Picture is Worth a Full Judgement

I receive Entertainment Weekly, and it arrives on Fridays.  Thus, here we are on Friday afternoon with some food for thought.

Have you seen The Comeback, the Lisa Kudrow show on HBO that lasted for one season?  You know, the fake reality show following around a has-been former tv star as she gets back into the limelight on a new show?  It was given to me for free, hence, yes, I have seen it.  It’s both enjoyable and kinda painful.  There’s some really smart stuff and some really really awful stuff.  It’s The Office‘s awkward humor done by someone else who’s not quite as good at it.  (also, it has the girl who’s becoming much more famous as I write this because she’s in Watchmen)

Anyhoo, I bring it up because it is now my opinion that Room and Bored, the absolutely horrific show-within-a-show sitcom that is the vehicle for Valerie Cherish’s (Lisa Kudrow’s) comeback, is coming to the real world, to a TV near you and soon!  It’s such a terrible terrible show – horrible stereotypes, way too much sex, a couple funny jokes, but the stupidest premise you’ve ever heard of – and it works for The Comeback because they’re making fun of how terrible it is and skewering the state of the sitcom.  Even the writer characters within the show know that it’s terrible, but they’re doing it anyway.

On the back cover of this week’s EW is a picture for some new sitcom call Roommates that’s starting soon and, based entirely on the picture alone, I hate it.  One girl looks like Sandra Bullock, but isn’t, and is holding a strange old-timey metal bucket for some reason (you know you have one of those in your NY apartment, right?), there’s the geek with the umbrella and stupid shoes, and the “hot guy” who’s wearing bad flannel pants and is either unemployed or works on wall street based on his holding a newspaper.  What is with the other girl’s face?  What is she supposed to be conveying by holding bubbles and looking at the camera like a frightened and slightly turned on deer? Also, she looks like both Tia and Tamara.  Isn’t there a girl who doesn’t look like someone else who’s already famous that they could have gotten?  And there’s the guy actually in the bathtub.  I’m sure they’re all lovely people, but they look like tools.  What exactly are you trying to tell me with this stupid marketing choice?  Maybe it’s just the yellow background, or the silly mugging they’re all doing to the camera, but I think it might actually be a real life Room and Bored (with perhaps a little less sex;  it is ABC Family, after all).

I know I’m being judgemental based on no other knowledge whatsoever, but this is more fun and hey, a picture is worth a thousand whatevers.  And this one is telling me to be sad about what producers are willing to spend money on and the type of “new ideas” out there.  Boo.  Boo, I say.


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One response to “Friday Afternoon Thoughts – A Picture is Worth a Full Judgement

  1. erin

    I saw a really long commercial for this show before Watchmen over the weekend. Based on the extended commercial, it looks like it has just as much sex as Room and Bored (though less graphic). But seriously, everyone is hooking up with everyone. It looks great!

    I’m just happy to see Tamera from Sister Sister getting work.

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