Wristcutters: A Love Story *

*10 Things I Love About This Movie

I did not love everything about this movie.  I’m not even entirely sure about my final verdict.  But here are 10 things I did love about it.

1. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Tom Waits

Tom Waits apparently embodies the archetype of the wise man/guru character who shows up out of absolutely nowhere to offer help to our hero.  And he always makes the movie better.  I can think of at least 2 other examples of this.  And in all 3 of these examples, he shows up in the middle of a desert somewhere.Ω  Now that does sound like something Tom Waits would do.

2. The flying matches and the idea of insignificant miracles.

3. The black hole in the car.

I like the idea, don’t totally like the cheap animation way it’s portrayed and it can be a little weird, but overall, they use it to hilarious and really awesome effect.  Also, that totally happens with sunglasses.

4.  This crappy mundane version of life that is limbo/purgatory.  Very cool idea for a story.

5.  Eugene – The best friend guy.

So it’s an actor named Shea playing a character named Eugene who sounds exactly like the guy, Eugene, who leads the real life band Gogol Bordello (about whom there’s also a movie, though I haven’t seen it yet), and the music is actually played by Gogol Bordello.  Shea Whigham does an awesome impression and makes a really cool character.  Who kind of is that guy.  Who also has something to do with Everything is Illuminated (I think he’s who the character was literally based on?…or something?…).  Anyway, crazy and Russian.  Also, cool music.

6. Nanuk and her hat and the mini half-train she and Eugene board at the end.  It’s like the short bus, but a train car.

7. The random educational seminar/beat poetry session of Tom Waits. 

There were cows.  Who knows.  And people were eating either ice cream or, more oddly, yogurt, while watching from benches.

8. The Guess How He Offed Himself game.

9. The deleted scene about mini golfing with Eugene walking on water.

10. The appearance of Gob fucking Bluth. 

Best cameo ever.  Not who I was expecting.  And yet, also a magician/showman type.  Maybe they could have gotten away with using that same Gob magic music when he stabbed himself.

And yes, I know it was actually Will Arnett…but really, it was kind of a creepier Gob Bluth who showed up.  Cheers to them both.

Ω (I couldn’t figure out how to make a footnote, so I used this instead – seems appropriate for a movie about people who’ve commited suicide) Tom Waits as Sage in Desert: Mystery Men, Domino, and this movie.


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